The actions promoted by the network La Lavagne Plurilengâl are:

1. Promotion of multilingual education

La Lavagne Plurilengâl proposes and promotes activities and events related to multilingual education, linguistic diversity, linguistic minorities, linguistic rights.

2. CLIL program in Friulian language

La Lavagne Plurilengâl offers a training and assistance program for teachers aimed at realizing CLIL activities and modules in Friulian language.

3. Production of teaching materials

La Lavagne Plurilengâl coordinates the production and publication of teaching materials on multilingual education, linguistic minorities, linguistic rights and for CLIL in Friulian language.

4. Workshops in Friulian language

La Lavagne Plurilengâl offers free workshops with external experts that can be hosted by teachers during their curriculum activities.

5. Pctos in Friulian language

La Lavagne Plurilengâl proposes PCTO paths in the Friulian language. The paths for transversal skills and orientation (briefly PCTO), are formative alternation paths useful for guiding students in the last three years of high schools towards the world of work, continuation of studies, and the development of transversal skills.

Network Agreement